“Psyche” is the main score system throughout the game.

Determining how much your character is logical and present in the tangible reality or to be sensitive toward energies and the other realm.

‘Psyche’ will be affecting the effectiveness of your perception skills.
It is also a factor on how your player experience on each quest scenario and how your story will pan out.
providing more options or special reactivity from other characters or your surrounding.

‘Psyche score’ will be gain or reduce by your decision in quests or trading it for doing certain ritual.
There’s several way to manipulating the player’s psyche by using consumables, certain ability or finishing a sub-quest.

‘Psyche status’ can be checked by Player’ hand interface. or seeing Hotel Psychiatrist for a result.
also be shown by visual distortion as the character as a subjectivity effect. {‘a Psyche effect’}


Senses are the game mechanics representing play 5 senses ability that can be perform to gain an ‘Insight’. or be as A variable on conversation and on a event sequence.

‘Insight’ is a information piece to collect to use against in conversation or a scene sequence. Insight also can be collect to enhance player’s ability and unlock features.
‘Tree UI’ is a visual representation which is growing behind the interface that will be changing and shaped according to the state of your play-though.

Perception is a sight , hearing and scent abilities that can be use gain an ‘Insight’ information on surroundings or make ‘Perception check’ on scene scenario  :


‘Effectiveness’ – determine what level of your ability that will take on passing a ‘perception check’. How much for a insight information you will get from use on your surround.

‘Psyche status’ – a variable to ‘Effectiveness’

‘Influence Marks’ – are the ‘Buff/Debuff’ status. Usually gained by use consumables or, a temporary effect or a permanent from a consequence of a quest.

‘locked feature’ – on a play-though, player can achieve a new spacial ability or a enhance of one.


A Verbal : Player’s Response in a conversation

‘Verbal Influence Marks’ – will be effecting in conversation to either provide more special options or mute one out

An Action : Interaction to an object or a character

‘Action Influence Marks’ – will also be effecting action to create a special move of new action.


Third Eye opening is a WIP feature and supposedly a powerful ability to perform to enter a ‘Astral plane’

‘Astral plane’ is where all that is hidden is revealed (gaining all the ‘Insight’ without perception ability).
also glimpse to the remnants of the past or emotional attached energy on an object.

Staying in ‘Astral plane’ will result in decreasing your ‘Psyche’ until it run out. suggested to use it wisely.


The roles of an item in the game can be divided in to 4 categories.

‘Consumables’ – Items which player can use to manipulate their ‘Psyche score’ or apply for an ‘Influence Marks’ .
‘Potions’ will be lasting over a quest. while ‘Foods’ will be lasting over a course of time.

‘Ingredients’ – Items that is used or required for crafting a consumables at a ‘Brewing pot’or is used to perform a certain ritual in a quest.


‘Charms’ – Wearable ‘Influence Marks’ that are lasting.

‘Outfits’ – Wearable for applying Tag on player that are useful toward stealth and some provide ‘Influence mark’



The game is planned to have some stealth mechanics in the game which The player can enter a restricted area
or a place where the player are not allowed such as staff-only area, other guest’s rooms and more.
With various ways for a solution,Outfits can be one of player choice used for infiltration in gaining
‘Insight’. or wear to enhance player ‘Verbal’ ability to perform a sociable task.


‘Kuman-Thong’ inspired by the same name of a Thai folklore craft , is the game QTE feature.

If on a player play-though have earned ‘Kuman-Thong charm’, Player will be prompted with a Quick time event
to perform special action or choice by them.

Throughout your stay, Kuman-thong will be acting as clairvoyant,.
Providing a  certain quick-time event option for a player both verbal choice or action without any requirement of sense’s effectiveness, psyche or insight.

Each of them will have their own side and theme of advise.
following one’s advise will eventually shape your Kuman-Thong to morphing into one than another.
which then the player will gain one additional ability granted from one.

They ,or at least before morph into only one, will be providing foretelling options which may be as absurd or random as they are but guarantee a useful one for toward the upcoming incident.