Chapter #6 : Dialogue Wheel / Choices architecture | ‘Chewing with your mouth open’

Choices architecture

As the game is non-combat, the choice-made will not for tactical or should remotely just for proceeding in game. The dialogue choices will be purely for your expression of character or strategic to your investigation. How would the character/you like to react in the role-play situation. With small-scale narrative as a 7 hotel stays, The controlled-frame timeline help creating intense and rich different paths and outcomes. Choices are providing various of meaningful reactivity which is the main goal here.

this GDC talk by J.E.Sawyer influence me so much in designing RPG narrative ,

GUI : Dialogue wheel

color-coded text dialogue
; help indicate which character speaking / and also to be visually memorable

tiny bubble for character : active when the character’s speaking

Important choices : description of choice effect or indicate intention

While the game is text heavy. my intent design is to move away from a isometric CRPG panned-out
tactical view approach with heavy text and in-detail description.
Instead,to be be less for that and be more visualized by enough close up to character with animation
to convey emotion where their situation reaction can be enact like a cinematic scene as something i aim to achieve.

Voices could bring so much life into characters. And,also provide realistic dialogue such as talk over each other.
To have a voice-acting would be a dream. it is something i wish i have, but..well its costly,
but its not something i’d ruled out yet,.

This is another amazing talk by Anna Kipnis covering on dialogue system
and whats to expect on heavy-dialogue game. fantastic stuff!.

Cha-bar : NINTARA’s hotel lounge Cafe and bar

the name actually is a pun between Thai and English
as ‘Chaba’ is a name of a flower in Thai ,and ‘Cha’ means a Tea.
So It’s a Tea bar ‘Cha-bar’. witty right ? or..yea pretty dumb dumb.

Location :Cha-Bar is Hotel Cafe | ‘Breakfast Buffet is a must add!’

From my anime food obsession, I also have idea on additional tiny feature 
that ordering drinks or foods could offer some aesthetic effect filters 
but that’s definitely not priority.

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