Chapter #02 : Your Hotel room | ‘Room is where the heart is’

Here’s your hotel room!, in final product i will have different room types for you to choose from on the reception and there will also have some effects and elements added to the story,
At moment, Here some example of the room prototype :

From the idea of a base, like CRPG’s keep to Mass effect’s Shepherd master bedroom.
Your base is an in-between space of the quest events. Its a a area where the game letting you gathering yourself, inspecting, reading codex and preparing. So in this game your hotel room act like one.
Its the place where you will land back to in every quests you ended.
some quests may give you trinkets for you to store in your room or for later-use.
some quests affect the changes of environment that your can observe from the room.
some quests are occurred in your very own room.
And, some quests are here for personal intimate relation event.

Your room main function is meant to be a way to proceed to the next day.
But,There also feature other function. as to giving a realistic touch like staying in a hotel room.;

‘A Television’ watch a broadcasting news of in-game events and
advertisement for more understanding of this fictional world.

‘A Record player’ for playing OST in your room for the ambient.

‘A hotel pamphlet’ for checking out daily hotel activities/events.

‘A phone’ for calling reception’ , room service or other character to come to your room.

a quest-related feature such as your
‘Investigation station’ to review on your process or using mock-up search engine for researching.

Example of ‘isometric perception’

As game focus on perception aspect. There will be limitation for your sight.
example; in this screenshot from bathroom position, You wont have your room vision
but you have your understanding as representing in a plan-line drawing.
Therefore, Using ‘Basic senses’ or your ‘Super sense’ power often
to be aware of your surrounding for gaining information than meet the eye

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