Chapter #01 : Characters | ‘Friends, Lovers or Chess pieces.’

These are the main characters that will carry out the storyline which you will be involved with 
if you should take yourself on certain path. While they will have each own personal and main quest.
While they are essentials to story, Choosing to involve them is optional and is ‘a choice’. 
which will extend your consequence and outcome of your experience in different ways 
They also will collide with each other’s quest and story according to your choices,
your relationship and behaviors throughout your stays.

DEV#1 : Friends , Lovers or Chess pieces

From New Vegas to All Bioware’s, I adore personality-rich companions and especially in ‘Choice matter’ games. As this game is narrative-based and no combat (But, maybe just a tiny gore).

These characters are the factors of your core experiences to be emotionally involve and care. While adventurous and mysterious elements are the core. But, Empathy and relatable personalities willprovide much more heartfelt narrative, more in touch with our humanity. driving the story to be more than just a fictional tale.

So, I have written these characters with not just their persona or traits but with background and stories. reasons that drive them to be as they are. dreams and fears. defensive and insecure. hope and values.  Which in these events , this Hotel, this week will be the breaking points for all of them


Malila ‘Mali’ | A jubilant Front-desk reception stuff who tread this world with a smile
Mali have been warned by her superior for her forgetfulness and clumsiness in duty
But lately, She has reason to come to believe the fault might not come from her own.

Junlapat ‘Joon’ | With wealthy family background and youth, Joon seek so much more from life,
the reckless thrill. the spark and the spectacular of the moment.
Sent here by his parents to recovering for his condition.

Tanya ‘Tan’ | A poise botany graduated student. On her own travelling for a vacation,
a break form her study, and for some personal pursue of interests which here
she might find more than she bargain for.

Khantiwa ‘Khan’ | Guest service agent. humble down-to-earth kind of guy with secretly
dream that bigger than himself in somewhere else far far away from here.
Khan found himself getting stuck ,drowning and suffocated from the position he’s in

Darlin ‘Da’Scout | a caring insightful Scout camper who lead a group of kid scouts on a hike
across the hotel. Claim to be born from this very forest.
Darlin seem know more and be than she let on.

Arttitat ‘Artte’ | Mysterious discreet friendly freelancer who getting pay
doing Hotel errands. Behind those humorous jokes and friendliness lies network
of connections and his own ulterior motives.

Alisa ‘Alice’| A detective Officer on the edge of her career.
taking possibly her last case which she intentionally took specifically for its location
Not due to the struggling of her career, but personal reason of her own.

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