Chapter #07 : Pre-teaser/ Preparing for Kickstarter also DOOK! | the overwhelming of preparing ‘Perpetual Ritual’

Happy Chinese new year!! Kian here Kiss

Guess what!? you know what it is! its a kickstarter teaser
the date launch will be announce soon.
So Here’s a Video Pre-Teaser :

This game began as a ambitious project and i’ve been put heart and soul into it.
It also have been a doubtful journey and struggling along the way of balancing between
life and work and the game.constantly negative thoughts ,imposer syndrome and
feeling like Im delusional. sound fun right ?

So! the ”Why Kickstarter !?”

As The story-line and game-play have been a year thought out, The making is more complicated and
I’m doing all on my own. I dont’ think that is something to be proud of much if the game couldn’t
come to the completion as i expect it to be.

While I’m pretty content with overall design and process currently on how the game is and, the art and visual.
Kickstarter will allow me to be able working on the game full-time which means more efforts and
allowing collaboration with artists and freelancers. having much more polish and beautiful animation.
more complex coding than i’m capable of. better music and art.
Also,It would be dream further more to even work with in-game ‘Voice’ dialogue.

If the campaign is successful that is. It would be the boost for the game. It will not just a a step but more of a sprint toward the vision of what i have. *finger-crossed.
It also would means the game would be in bigger scope. However, I have to prepare for the alternative if the campaign is not successful. then i have to re-consider re-scaling the scope of the story including locations and gameplay time according to how much can I really can dedicate to the game at that point which hopefully wont come to that.

|| Screenshots ||

also If you wondering what/who is this ? His name is DOOK

‘DOOK’ which is coming from the Thai name ‘Pla-Dook'(ปลาดุก) for catfish,
a common fish and food in Thailand. In game DOOK is mascot icon of a in-game
well-known products,ie: soda and food that you cant just help seeing it everywhere.

Why Catfish ? Catfish is already commonly habitat in southeast Asia ,and they look somewhat unique. 
There also a Japanese ancient believe of a mythical being called ‘Namazu’ which a giant catfish that cause earthquake. Did you known some breed of Catfish can live to extend of 50 years which means they could outlive you. Also have you seen bristlenose catfish. They looks magnificent.

Overall, Catfish is a interesting creature. I decide to set them as the beast/creature ,
a local believe mythical representation of the land.So, I also come up from the idea of
this ‘DOOK’ as for adding element of contrast between commercial delight cute icon
and a Dark native sacred monstrous beast.

Chapter #6 : Dialogue Wheel / Choices architecture | ‘Chewing with your mouth open’

Choices architecture

As the game is non-combat, the choice-made will not for tactical or should remotely just for proceeding in game. The dialogue choices will be purely for your expression of character or strategic to your investigation. How would the character/you like to react in the role-play situation. With small-scale narrative as a 7 hotel stays, The controlled-frame timeline help creating intense and rich different paths and outcomes. Choices are providing various of meaningful reactivity which is the main goal here.

this GDC talk by J.E.Sawyer influence me so much in designing RPG narrative ,

GUI : Dialogue wheel

color-coded text dialogue
; help indicate which character speaking / and also to be visually memorable

tiny bubble for character : active when the character’s speaking

Important choices : description of choice effect or indicate intention

While the game is text heavy. my intent design is to move away from a isometric CRPG panned-out
tactical view approach with heavy text and in-detail description.
Instead,to be be less for that and be more visualized by enough close up to character with animation
to convey emotion where their situation reaction can be enact like a cinematic scene as something i aim to achieve.

Voices could bring so much life into characters. And,also provide realistic dialogue such as talk over each other.
To have a voice-acting would be a dream. it is something i wish i have, but..well its costly,
but its not something i’d ruled out yet,.

This is another amazing talk by Anna Kipnis covering on dialogue system
and whats to expect on heavy-dialogue game. fantastic stuff!.

Cha-bar : NINTARA’s hotel lounge Cafe and bar

the name actually is a pun between Thai and English
as ‘Chaba’ is a name of a flower in Thai ,and ‘Cha’ means a Tea.
So It’s a Tea bar ‘Cha-bar’. witty right ? or..yea pretty dumb dumb.

Location :Cha-Bar is Hotel Cafe | ‘Breakfast Buffet is a must add!’

From my anime food obsession, I also have idea on additional tiny feature 
that ordering drinks or foods could offer some aesthetic effect filters 
but that’s definitely not priority.

Chapter #5 : Narrative / Story-wise | ‘The third eye on the cross road’

Storywise and Narrative :
*No spoiler, just some key concepts*

A game thrill narrative themes is to create curiosity ,suspense ,mythical and horror experience.
With Choice and consequence system are great format to tell a story into collision of these themes.
As The big overall story is being laid there but not directly narrated,
Instead subtly engaging you in with quests and your own length investigation by the game ‘sense’ mechanism.

There’s no main story-line or quest. So,you may experience the story each time with different pacing and theme depending on your choices and order of your constructing narrative. I think that is something that can only be beautifully done in Game. While Movie media is only active in their way of telling story, Game have its way of capable on being passive. Its add replay value and create individual experience for player and make them specially yours. A week,7 days Hotel stays is the game rigid time-frame that design to be controlled but yet freedom in its pacing.

while the thrill events is the appealing key. the main theme will also be surrounding on the idea of ‘hotel’ / an alien new place for you!. an escape for the depressed, to take yourself out from your context, and being so far far away that feel like there wont be consequences, to temporary leave your identity and create new one in new environment where no one know you for a period of time ,which could be a good epitome of a role-playing game. Giving yourself vacation to go thru either just relaxation or some hardship situation for a change, either to re-identify or re fresh or just to lose control. which hotel is my fit setting for modern ‘a role-playing’ game.

Here some rough sketch of diagram on how the game overall choices would work :
*apologize if it was confusing

Choice and Consequence diagram

note :
Kent Hudson recently had a wonderful GDC speak on his game Dynamic narrative,Novelist is an inspiration of mine in great decision design on points systems that deal with narrative of conflict and dilemma for you to balancing and compromising. Additionally,The detail changes of surrounding is something i’m inspired and adore so. it’s a tiny bit but yet effectively giving satisfaction at least for me in game’s acknowledgment your action.

Tiny note : On Black art theme and setting 

As Southeast Asian black art lore are not commonly represented.
I reckon there are some similarities in The black art and believe around the world.
From Poland’s folk lore , Louisiana Voodoo, to Cambodia shaman. Inspired by none other than
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s adaptation of polish folklore. The Water hag to that flying blue glowing baby ‘botching’.
i find some similarity in Thai folklore as well. The botching lore is almost similar to Thai’s in superstition world,
The making of ‘Kuman Thong’ or translated ‘a golden boy’. a practice of necromancy to use unborn miscarriage fetus
conducting the proper ceremonial ritual to invoke for bring prosperity and spirit guidance. how interesting is that! or creepy…

Chapter #04 : Interface : pause // Quest | ‘Writing on the palm of your interface hands’

GUI : Pause menu features :

Journal |reviewing of what you have done.
codex of what you’ve known. if youre lost on what to do
there’s reminder sticky note for showing schedule.
personal journal of your character mentality and understanding
documenting for seeing process of your stays

Backpack | Inventory system of items that you own.

Phone | for contacting people who’ve met on your stays
having a convo without being in front of the Characters,
or text system for reading what characters messages or
asking about their location and their status
also music player for changing OST nut restrict if you’re on a quest

Hands | tiny function of checking your condition
just like what you can do look down at your hands
also mini game that you can play with your hands

Option | Game-Setting

GUI : Quest initiate interface :

Journal > Codex

bring the codex journal page of the related content to the quest.

Journal > Reminder

Provide as optional and could hide them,if your deem them as to break the immersion
( this come from myself experience, as being perfectionist sometime too much that i have anxious that i’d have miss something in game )

3 sticky notes represent :

+ A ‘recap’ of your significant action prior
+ A ‘Optional’ action that you should consider done to provide more information that you about to get involve in.
+ A ‘warning’ for some area , character or conflict of quests that may be cut off after you begin the quest.[/li][/list]

Phone – Character involvement / companion for the quest

depending on your relationship status and your decision to include them. character that you choose to call on your quest
could play significant role , even be a big factor or provide new solutions on outcome of the quests.

Chapter #03 : Perception & GUI :Interaction | ‘Astral perception!’

Using in-game senses to acknowledge your surrounding can be vital in the game. It is a core mechanism of the game beside decision-making. The information also can help weighing your decisions in gathering these tiny bits of them. Connecting pieces to see a big picture of whats actually going on.

There 4 types in-game interaction that you will use throughout the game :

You will begin your play thought with ‘Basic senses’ for acknowledge common surrounding ; taste/talk, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

Thought out your stays, you will encounter quests and events which could be rewarded in ‘Super senses'(Working on the name). There will be variety of them which you can achieve by finishing certain quest line as a reward or to repeat some certain action till you’ve achieved as skill.

There are to enhancing your senses allowing you to be able to reveal more hidden information of the surroundings or provide special skills and senses to some situation.

Same goes with ‘Items’, they could essential for certain quest line and useful for the equivalent for some of the Super sense that you might unable to achieve.

‘Tags’ will represent your identity to others , determined who you are and how people will interact with you in the game. They will affect a conversation with the NPC and can providing the new route of solution in certain quest for its specific tag.

BONE-MEALED EYE senses : “coming from a believe of ritual where you apply cemetery dirt/bone meal of the dead to your eyes will let you see them”

Chapter #02 : Your Hotel room | ‘Room is where the heart is’

Here’s your hotel room!, in final product i will have different room types for you to choose from on the reception and there will also have some effects and elements added to the story,
At moment, Here some example of the room prototype :

From the idea of a base, like CRPG’s keep to Mass effect’s Shepherd master bedroom.
Your base is an in-between space of the quest events. Its a a area where the game letting you gathering yourself, inspecting, reading codex and preparing. So in this game your hotel room act like one.
Its the place where you will land back to in every quests you ended.
some quests may give you trinkets for you to store in your room or for later-use.
some quests affect the changes of environment that your can observe from the room.
some quests are occurred in your very own room.
And, some quests are here for personal intimate relation event.

Your room main function is meant to be a way to proceed to the next day.
But,There also feature other function. as to giving a realistic touch like staying in a hotel room.;

‘A Television’ watch a broadcasting news of in-game events and
advertisement for more understanding of this fictional world.

‘A Record player’ for playing OST in your room for the ambient.

‘A hotel pamphlet’ for checking out daily hotel activities/events.

‘A phone’ for calling reception’ , room service or other character to come to your room.

a quest-related feature such as your
‘Investigation station’ to review on your process or using mock-up search engine for researching.

Example of ‘isometric perception’

As game focus on perception aspect. There will be limitation for your sight.
example; in this screenshot from bathroom position, You wont have your room vision
but you have your understanding as representing in a plan-line drawing.
Therefore, Using ‘Basic senses’ or your ‘Super sense’ power often
to be aware of your surrounding for gaining information than meet the eye

Chapter #01 : Characters | ‘Friends, Lovers or Chess pieces.’

These are the main characters that will carry out the storyline which you will be involved with 
if you should take yourself on certain path. While they will have each own personal and main quest.
While they are essentials to story, Choosing to involve them is optional and is ‘a choice’. 
which will extend your consequence and outcome of your experience in different ways 
They also will collide with each other’s quest and story according to your choices,
your relationship and behaviors throughout your stays.

DEV#1 : Friends , Lovers or Chess pieces

From New Vegas to All Bioware’s, I adore personality-rich companions and especially in ‘Choice matter’ games. As this game is narrative-based and no combat (But, maybe just a tiny gore).

These characters are the factors of your core experiences to be emotionally involve and care. While adventurous and mysterious elements are the core. But, Empathy and relatable personalities willprovide much more heartfelt narrative, more in touch with our humanity. driving the story to be more than just a fictional tale.

So, I have written these characters with not just their persona or traits but with background and stories. reasons that drive them to be as they are. dreams and fears. defensive and insecure. hope and values.  Which in these events , this Hotel, this week will be the breaking points for all of them


Malila ‘Mali’ | A jubilant Front-desk reception stuff who tread this world with a smile
Mali have been warned by her superior for her forgetfulness and clumsiness in duty
But lately, She has reason to come to believe the fault might not come from her own.

Junlapat ‘Joon’ | With wealthy family background and youth, Joon seek so much more from life,
the reckless thrill. the spark and the spectacular of the moment.
Sent here by his parents to recovering for his condition.

Tanya ‘Tan’ | A poise botany graduated student. On her own travelling for a vacation,
a break form her study, and for some personal pursue of interests which here
she might find more than she bargain for.

Khantiwa ‘Khan’ | Guest service agent. humble down-to-earth kind of guy with secretly
dream that bigger than himself in somewhere else far far away from here.
Khan found himself getting stuck ,drowning and suffocated from the position he’s in

Darlin ‘Da’Scout | a caring insightful Scout camper who lead a group of kid scouts on a hike
across the hotel. Claim to be born from this very forest.
Darlin seem know more and be than she let on.

Arttitat ‘Artte’ | Mysterious discreet friendly freelancer who getting pay
doing Hotel errands. Behind those humorous jokes and friendliness lies network
of connections and his own ulterior motives.

Alisa ‘Alice’| A detective Officer on the edge of her career.
taking possibly her last case which she intentionally took specifically for its location
Not due to the struggling of her career, but personal reason of her own.

Chapter #00 – Introduction | ‘Checking in for some third eye sleeping’

Chapter #00: | ‘Checking in for some third eye sleeping’

Hello There, and Happy 2018!

My name is Kian here. I’m 24 architecture-major graduated freelancer.
But, my passion lie in making video games ,and at the moment,for create something i ,myself, would love to play. hopefully there will be someone like me who will enjoy it and make me feel less like a freak.

So, I’ve been working on this game on my part time in these past recent months, 
Here’s a good time that i share this project i have been working on.

I have studying C# with unity for this past year. I’ve also basic in modeling and passion in art.  So, in these just recent months i have been developed and design this game by myself.

The story itself have been in process on my mind since many years now 
but, i was struggling to find the platform to tell the story, like a play or a short-film. 
then it hit me!, A Game! of course. I love games! and it’s a amazing way of telling the story. And, so here we are..

The reason behind my setting is because I’ve always been intrigued on how hotels work in general. To take yourself out of daily, comfortable environment and routine and place yourself in this luxurious vacation exotic scenario that aim to refresh or re-vision your thoughts and your way of thinking. And also, the idea of hotel rooms fascinates me,the same yet different scenario of events that happened in the same space as you and everybody in. and My decision to place the events in this exotic south-eastern Asian; As i am Thai myself, I’m finding my native believe and ritual enchanting. Definitely inspired by true local believe and their understanding to world ,as I feel it was under-presented. The design and story were inspired base on research but adopt to fit the fictional aspect.