Chapter #03 : Perception & GUI :Interaction | ‘Astral perception!’

Using in-game senses to acknowledge your surrounding can be vital in the game. It is a core mechanism of the game beside decision-making. The information also can help weighing your decisions in gathering these tiny bits of them. Connecting pieces to see a big picture of whats actually going on.

There 4 types in-game interaction that you will use throughout the game :

You will begin your play thought with ‘Basic senses’ for acknowledge common surrounding ; taste/talk, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

Thought out your stays, you will encounter quests and events which could be rewarded in ‘Super senses'(Working on the name). There will be variety of them which you can achieve by finishing certain quest line as a reward or to repeat some certain action till you’ve achieved as skill.

There are to enhancing your senses allowing you to be able to reveal more hidden information of the surroundings or provide special skills and senses to some situation.

Same goes with ‘Items’, they could essential for certain quest line and useful for the equivalent for some of the Super sense that you might unable to achieve.

‘Tags’ will represent your identity to others , determined who you are and how people will interact with you in the game. They will affect a conversation with the NPC and can providing the new route of solution in certain quest for its specific tag.

BONE-MEALED EYE senses : “coming from a believe of ritual where you apply cemetery dirt/bone meal of the dead to your eyes will let you see them”

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