Chapter #00 – Introduction | ‘Checking in for some third eye sleeping’

Chapter #00: | ‘Checking in for some third eye sleeping’

Hello There, and Happy 2018!

My name is Kian here. I’m 24 architecture-major graduated freelancer.
But, my passion lie in making video games ,and at the moment,for create something i ,myself, would love to play. hopefully there will be someone like me who will enjoy it and make me feel less like a freak.

So, I’ve been working on this game on my part time in these past recent months, 
Here’s a good time that i share this project i have been working on.

I have studying C# with unity for this past year. I’ve also basic in modeling and passion in art.  So, in these just recent months i have been developed and design this game by myself.

The story itself have been in process on my mind since many years now 
but, i was struggling to find the platform to tell the story, like a play or a short-film. 
then it hit me!, A Game! of course. I love games! and it’s a amazing way of telling the story. And, so here we are..

The reason behind my setting is because I’ve always been intrigued on how hotels work in general. To take yourself out of daily, comfortable environment and routine and place yourself in this luxurious vacation exotic scenario that aim to refresh or re-vision your thoughts and your way of thinking. And also, the idea of hotel rooms fascinates me,the same yet different scenario of events that happened in the same space as you and everybody in. and My decision to place the events in this exotic south-eastern Asian; As i am Thai myself, I’m finding my native believe and ritual enchanting. Definitely inspired by true local believe and their understanding to world ,as I feel it was under-presented. The design and story were inspired base on research but adopt to fit the fictional aspect.


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