“Sleeping with third eye open” is a 2-dimensional isometric thriller role-playing game focused on rich story-driven characters and choices. Following player taking role as a guest checking in for a week stay at the exotic hotel where behind its world-class service facade revealing an unknown surreal events. A narrative that are branching into horror, science fictional or noire themed reflecting accordingly toward player engagement. Additionally, An In-game ‘perceptions’ mechanic as player’s tools to interacting with the game world surroundings to solve and discover information in weighting their decisions with a twist of Asian witchcraft helping broaden player’s perception skills. Sleeping with third eye open’s fictional narrative is inspired by Southern-east folklore, Thai mythology and Golden triangle.

You are a guest booking to visit Southeast Asia for a world-class vacation week stays at NITARA. A self-sufficient hotel stranded in-between a natural phenomenon waterfall at the borderland attracting its patron for Its unique treatment. Within these wanderlust nights revealing much more sinister events, An active criminal activity in the surrounding area. A curious case of missing guests. Strange knocks in the middle of a night. And, an unknown terrifying force waiting to betide the patron at their calmness in the third eye of the storm

  • A Vacation for you! – Playing as a guest to booking a brand new hotel on Southeast Asian Borderland. Full experience of a wanderlust hotel stays with facilities ready for you to be participating.
  • Please,Disturb – Thrill narrative, 7 days of Noir atmosphere, curiosity, investigating trails of mystery, mythical elements and black art.
  • Mingling / Bonding / Manipulating – be involve personally with other guests and staffs. create ripple of impact by your words and relation. get to know main characters with rich stories of conflict, tragedy, triumph, and love.
  • Choice do matter! – Complex system of tracking your actions. By your words reflect relation. By your solution reflect values. By your choices shows consequence. Seeing how all your tiny actions come present your unique experience of your stay and the effect of characters , surrounding and yourself by the end of your week.
  • Trigger All your senses – investigate and explore your isometric surroundings with game-play mechanism ‘senses’ allow you to take control of your perception.
  • Enjoy Black Art and Craft activities! – let your curiosity drive you into black art craft. trigger your inner senses. perceive what lie beneath than meet the eyes but at whats price.
  • South-eastern Asian trip! – Refreshing theme of location, Southeast modern aesthetic, traditional music. As well as Thai local-believe and superstition which have been underrepresented.